Clubs & Activities

Clubs and activities offer students an opportunity to explore their passions and interests outside the classroom. Some of Kent Denver’s signature programs, such as Speech and Debate and Model UN, began as clubs.

New clubs are formed each year based on student interest, and all Kent Denver students are encouraged to explore, grow and learn through participation in these extracurricular activities.

In the Middle School, students choose a single club for the year based on both student interest and faculty offerings. Teachers provide leadership and model for students what a successful club looks like—organized, engaging, collaborative—to provide the structure Middle-Schoolers need to thrive.

For Upper-Schoolers, clubs are a mostly student-driven program. Any student can propose a club, recruit a faculty sponsor, join the official roster of clubs and welcome members. Sponsors provide assistance where needed, but students provide the core leadership for their clubs.

Club Offerings

Upper School Clubs

Arts Media Club
Blue Key Society
Boys And Girls Club
Breakthrough Kent Denver
Business Club
Cafe Bogue
Classical Music Recitals
Colorado Youth Leaders
Culinary Club
Diversity (SUDA)
Entrepreneurship Club
Finance & Investment Club
Fine Arts Magazine
Fly Fishing Club
Futbol Club

Futbol Club
Games Galore
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
Global Awareness Club
Hockey Club
How to Adult
Improv Club
KD Rocks
KDS Woof
Kent Denver Players
Kindness Club
Knitting Club
Midfirst Bank
Mock Trial
Newspaper-Sun Devils' Advocate

Outstanding Women in Business
Peer Tutoring
Robotics Club
Small Sports Club
Speech and Debate
Sports Statistics & Economics Club
Student Leadership Council
Students Shoulder To Shoulder
Tech Team
Tech Theater Club
Volleyball Club
World Wildlife Club

Middle School Clubs

B.E.A.R. (Be Excited About Reading)
Board Games
Card Sharks
Club Imagination
Geeking Out!
Social Justice
Through Humor
Indoor Sports/Team Handball
Digital Photography
Myth Pop
Rugby/Outdoor Sports
Student Council

Detailed descriptions of all Middle School clubs can be found here.

After School Activities

Kent Denver's Duncan Center is proud to offer experiences in Information and Innovation for our Middle School students Monday through Thursday after school. Middle School students will work with Upper School students and the Information and Innovation Team staff to explore a number of topics throughout the year.

Maker Mondays allow students to get their hands dirty in developing real-world products, Coder Tuesdays allow students to dive into programming and computing, Reader Wednesdays allow students to deepen their love of reading, and Explorer Thursdays allow students to go further in projects that interest them. Learn more below!

Maker Mondays


Have you ever wanted to make your Halloween costume light up? Or you could try sewing a stuffed animal with light-up eyes, making a friendship bracelet or hair accessory with LED lights, or lighting up the star on your Chuck Taylors. In this timely session, we will design modifications for our Halloween costumes and create other wearable technology using conductive thread, LED lights, and electroluminescent panels.


Choose or create a game or puzzle that you would like to make. Like the patient’s nose in the game Operation, parts of your game can light up. We will learn how to use the the laser cutter located on the Duncan Center design floor, and we will learn how to make paper circuits using copper tape and LED lights. Then we will design a game that we will laser cut (vector) or engrave (raster). Finally, we will use paper circuits to electrify your game or puzzle.

FIX-IT! (Session 3)

We can all think of some broken thing that’s been sitting around our classrooms or our bedrooms. These things are annoying, and they usually end up in the trash. I’m thinking about the broken coffee mug, the tape dispenser with a missing part, the lamp that only turns on sometimes. In this session, you will try to fix a broken item from your house, classroom, or something we have on hand. First, you’ll have to figure why it doesn’t work, and then you can propose a way to to fix it. We will learn how to use Google Sketchup to create 3-dimensional designs, how to 3D print objects that we create, and how to solder.


Did you know that you can create a movie using toys and materials such as legos, food, and playdoh, or by writing and coloring on dry-erase boards. Making this type of movie is called Stop Motion. We will learn how to use Stop Motion Studio, and then learn about planning a more complex movie through a process called storyboarding. Students will then create their own stop-motion movie which they will bring into iMovie for editing and adding sound, music, and voice tracks. The final session will be a film festival to showcase our finished movies!

Coder Tuesdays


Web-apps are used for everything these days. Would you like to start learning how they work? In this session we will learn how to build simple web pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We will practice styling web pages and adding interactive features. At the end of the session, we will have the option to host our sites on the web.


Have you ever wanted to build your own virtual world? To create and explore any space? You are in luck! In this session we will be using Unity to design a game. Students will learn how to design characters, spaces, and objects. They will then program the game to add interactivity.


How do computers work? Really work? In this session we will start from a transistor level and explore how digital logic allows for the design of such sophisticated technology. We will build and simulate circuits that are used every nanosecond in your computer.


Have you ever wanted to make somebody else do all your boring, repetitive work? Guess what, you can! Python is a versatile scripting language that is a great place to start learning to program. In this session we will mostly focus on how we can use Python to repeat tasks and manipulate data.

Reader Wednesdays

FOODIES (Session 1)

Food plays a major role in our lives...and in our books. Come and enjoy everything from characters who are obsessed with food… to cookbooks that take us around the world... to plotlines and mysteries that are “fed” by food. We will start the session with a book that we will read together, and then everyone can help choose the next titles by “Speed Dating” with some “eligible” books. We will cook up some fun discussions, book charades, recipes, and share our love of reading. To celebrate our final meeting (11/9/16), we will host a potluck inspired by the books we have read.


Come and explore our new graphic novel collection! These amazing stories are truly works of art, so let’s discover them together. We will start the session with a book that we will read together, and then everyone can help choose the next titles by “Speed Dating” with some “eligible” books. Inspiration will strike <POW> as we peek into the minds <BAM> of these fascinating characters <WOW>! We will play pictionary and alphabet soup to get our creative juices flowing. To celebrate our final meeting (1/11/17), we will write and illustrate our very own panels.

AND THE WINNER IS... (Session 3)

There are book awards for all types of books, and we are going to find the very best of the best. We will start the session with a book that we will read together, and then everyone can help choose the next titles by “Speed Dating” with some “eligible” books. We will explore the characters by transporting them to our lives here at Kent Denver. You would be surprised how difficult it would be for some of them to survive middle school! We will write our own opening sentences and create alternative endings to some of the final chapters that need a little “fine tuning.” To celebrate our final meeting (3/01/17), we will host an awards show to honor our very favorite (and our least favorite) award-winning titles.

CASTING CALL (Session 4)

Some of the best (and worst) movies are inspired by books. We will put on our director’s hats and explore how we would make a movie out of our favorite books. What scenes have to stay in, and what characters should be eliminated before the opening credits? We will start the session with a book that we will read together, and then everyone can help choose the next titles by “Speed Dating” with some “eligible” books. We will watch some scenes, read some chapters, and discuss the differences between telling stories on paper and in the theater. To celebrate our final meeting (5/03/17), we will “pitch a script” of our ideal movie based on our favorite book.

Explorer Thursdays

These "Open Labs" are a designated time for student to explore topics that interest them on a deeper level!

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