The arts are a unique discipline which develops students' expressive qualities and creative thinking skills. Through its methods of active learning, creative problem-solving, and critical self-evaluation, art fosters flexibility and freedom in decision making. It thus encourages critical and divergent thinking. Through the arts, students expand their human capacity to perceive, understand, and appreciate life, and extend their learning across other academic disciplines.

In the middle school, art is included as an important part of a student's daily schedule. Every child will take a trimester each of music, visual arts and drama. By the time students have completed eighth grade, they will have the equivalent of one year in each of the three arts disciplines offered at Kent Denver.

In the upper school, students may choose to specialize in a preferred arts discipline, or they may fulfill their graduation requirements by taking a wide variety of classes in drama, music, or the visual arts. Arts classes are designed to introduce the basic concepts and techniques of a particular art form, then as students grow in their comfort level, they are guided through more complex conceptual work. After their first year, many students opt to enroll in one of our advanced art courses. Many students also participate in one or more of our performing arts groups, or in a club sponsored by the art department.

Mission Statement

Excellence in scholarship and character is the goal of a Kent Denver education.  We seek to build a caring, diverse community of responsible citizens.  To that end, the school provides a challenging college preparatory curriculum and sets high ethical standards.
Kent Denver School
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